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Peak inside my April 2017 art journal

Four months into my daily art journal entries, and after looking at my April art journal I've noticed that my content has evolved.  There's less journaling and more of plain doodling. I found that I could only write that I took my children to lessons or worked on the blog or had movie night so many times.  After that it got really redundant... Don't get me wrong.  I still add the journaling when there's something of interest to include.  But otherwise its flowers, and hearts, and just simple doodling. Either way, I still find it a rewarding way to connect to my creativity.  I will always love the experience of putting pen on paper. I do, however, need to go buy some different journals.  I've tried mixed media paper and bristol paper, but they just don't take the watercolor the … Read More

A peek inside my March 2017 art journal

I once showed a friend some of the water color postcards I painted while traveling.  He asked me if a child painted them for me. Yep.  That was embarrassing. Art for my eyes only? Since then I've been more self-conscious about my art and rarely show people what I create.  Other than doodling during meetings, my art served as a private outlet for my eyes only.  If you can imagine, posting my daily art journal online for the world to see is a scary thing for me. The bold, messy art of my children inspires me But I am inspired by my children.  They create art with abandon.  Big, messy bold art.  Color combinations I would never consider that turn out fantastic.  Voluminous amounts of art that cannot be contained in tidy folders.  They lack inhibition, and it shows in the freedom on … Read More

Modern calligraphy with Mint & Maple Designs

As part of my post-law journey, I made a commitment to try new things and explore a variety of creative outlets.   Truth be told, sometimes I'm better at keeping that commitment than others.  But this was a good month!  I tried modern calligraphy. If you've been on Instagram or Pinterest lately, calligraphy is totally having a moment, particularly the loose, bouncy, modern calligraphy.  I love lettering, doodling, and making decorative envelopes, so I thought I'd give calligraphy a try.  I've taken several classes from Natalie Coulter at Mint and Maple Designs, so when I got an email from her advertising a Modern Calligraphy class, I knew I couldn't go wrong. Making it simple For starters, Natalie does a great job of making it approachable.  She described her own journey and … Read More

Rockin’ the boat party

Ahoy friends!  I’ve planned all sorts of different events, but I recently planned my first ever boat party.  This was a corporate client appreciation party for our real estate business, so we got to have a little fun with it.  One of our clients sent me the Saturday Night Live video for “I’m on a boat” featuring T-Pain.  How fun!  And from that the theme for the party was born!  Rockin’ the boat with Homesville Real Estate.  High class trash counts as a theme, right? At first I didn’t think a boat party would be much different than a normal event, but as I got into the actual planning there were several variables that made it a little challenging.  First off, everything had to be splash and wind proof since we were on the water.  Good thing too, because it ended up raining for … Read More

Flipping houses in Central Austin

Once upon a time before I had children, I remodeled and flipped houses with my husband.  I always enjoyed the puzzle of it, and even more so the process of transforming a distressed property into a beautiful space.  I would immerse myself in those projects for hours at a time, surrounded by piles of paint chips.  It was my happy place. Once the kids came along the focus of my free time shifted to them.  And with less free time -- and the new money pit known as daycare -- we had to put flipping houses on pause.  It was a long pause, and I missed it.  So when I left the practice of law in January 2016, it wasn’t much of a surprise that flipping houses was at the top of my list of creative projects.  I had time, I had the energy, and I was ready! Patience pays off when flipping … Read More

A pretty kitty 3rd birthday celebration

My daughter’s 3rd birthday party started like most of my event planning – on Pinterest.  I reviewed the party ideas I had previously saved, and I was attracted to some images of a cute kitten birthday party.  Given that we have a house full of critters it seemed fitting for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party.  I latched onto the pretty kitty theme and ran with it. After some visual brainstorming and lots of late-night shopping on Amazon, I was ready.  A few weeks before the party I hand-delivered these cute cat invitations to Linden’s classmates.  I know electronic invitations are easier, but I just love the look and feel of a real paper invite. Once the invites were out, I started creating some of the decorations for the party.  I used Canva to make a few custom signs for the … Read More